After months in the work the 6th big update of CryptoTracker is finally out AND is part of the incredible Launch 2021 event, the third annual event of its kind where the UWP community comes together and releases their projects into the wild. As an already existing app, CryptoTracker has been updated packed with new features, a huge UI overhaul and a faster and cleaner code (thanks to the MVVM Toolkit).

But before diving into all the changes, this is also a moment to celebrate multiple milestones. In the one hand, this year has been the first one with user donations for which I’m incredibly greateful for, and that has personally meant a lot to me. In the other hand, just a week short of its 4th anniversary (August 22nd, 2017), CryptoTracker reached the 50k acquisitions achievement, which makes me extremely humbled knowing this all started as a summer side-project.


Without further ado let’s get into all the nitty-gritty details about the update:

New Home layout

The double column layout is gone, combining the price and volume charts into a single card. This also results in easier correlations of volume trends with price fluctuations besides looking more elegant:

Refined coin view

Each coin’s page has been redesigned following a card layout inspired by Windows 11. Like the Home page, the price and volume charts have been merged into one and a new candle-chart is also available. New to this page as well is the bottom card showing you all your holdings of the current coin:

Last but not least, this page has a couple of aces up its sleeve. At the top of the page live buttons to show information about a coin, as well as the ability to change to the Compact Overlay view, pin a Live Tile to the Start Menu and set custom price threshold alerts.


The portfolio section has been vastly improved as well. At the top of the page your portfolio’s diversification rates will be shown in a colorful and visual way. There’s also a new backup import/export feature so you never lose your portfolio (or to have multiple).

Finally, the ability to sort and duplicate purchases has been added, as well as the option to temporarily group all purchases by coin, to combine all the same coin’s holdings in a single entry and show its total stats.

Support for 800+ cryptos

The ammount of supported alt-coins has been greatly increased (thanks to the use of different APIs), and the Coins page has been substantially improved making it more information-dense with an added historic chart (plus sortable columns have been added):

Wrapping up

In addition to all the aforementioned features, a handful of bug-fixes have been included as improved app speeds largely thanks to the MVVM Toolkit, which has also resulted in a more mantainable code.

Lastly, I’d like to use these last lines to thank the entire UWP community and the amazing mods behind it that made this event possible. Also a huge shotout to everyone that has ever downloaded, rated, sent feedback or even donated for CryptoTracker as this wouldn’t have been possible without you!